Culp Networks

CULP is also part of several networks at national and state level for advocacy of legal and policy issues related to children, poor and deprived communities, some of the networks / associations / consortia are as follows:

  • FORCES Network for development of young children (0 to 6 years) and mothers (national level);
  • Lawyer’s Collective on HIV/AIDS (national level);
  • Rajasthan Rights to Education (RtE) Consortium (14 organizations, UNICEF, INGOs / funding agencies, NGOs);
  • Rajasthan Shiksha Adhikar Manch (a network of more than 50 civil society organizations);
  • Rajasthan Bal Adhikar Sanrakshan Abhiyan (state level);
  • Rajasthan Swasthya Abhiyan: Health for All Campaign.
  • CSO Forum for supporting mainstreaming efforts of Govt for HIV / AIDS prevention (CULP as lead NGO, at District and State level).
  • Total 274 teachers trained on child friendly teaching method and practice.

International partners

  • The Omprakash Foundation (USA)
  • Root Alliance (USA)