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CULP - Centre for Unfolding Learning Potentials

On Going Projects

CULP has been focusing to implement innovative projects for ensuring access to quality elementary education to children (especially out-of-school girls) of deprived communities, and improving pedagogic processes in formal schools since 2002. It mobilizes community to create a positive environment in rural society towards education of children and girls of excluded communities. The innovative and contextualized material of CULP is used by other NGOs and the government for the education of similar groups.

The following major programmes / projects have been undertaken / implemented in partnership with different funding agencies, government and other civil society organizations during the FY 2016-17:

1. Pehchan Project: Educating Out-of-School Adolescent Girls in Niwai block, Tonk dist. (9 to 18 years) & mainstreaming in formal schools from Jan 2016 to March 2020, supported by EdelGive Foundation and collaborated with SSA & RMSA, to be continued till March 2021. This project was initiated in Jaipur district in July 2002 and up-scaled in four new districts (Tonk, Banswara, Jhalawar) in subsequent years with the funding support from several agencies. Read more at 

2. Child Rights for Change (CRC): ‘Strengthened Child Rights and Improved Education to Prevent Child Labour’ in Banswara from August 2014 to Dec. 2017, supported by Save the Children, likely to be up-scaled in 2nd phase from Jan. 2018 for next 4 years.

3. Legacy Education Project in Banswara dist from Aug. 2014 to Dec. 2017, supported by ActionAid; likely to be up-scaled in 2nd phase from January 2018 for next 6 to 8 years –pre-appraisal note submitted.

4. Technical Support to TAD for Teachers’ Education in ten tribal districts of Rajasthan, from August 2015 to Dec. 2017, supported by Tribal Area Development Department, Government of Rajasthan and UNICEF; likely to be continued for next two years (Jan. 2018 to Dec. 2019).

5. Druv Project for supporting Digital India in J.Ramgarh block in Jaipur dist (started in Jan. 2017 and current contract period will be over by end of July, likely to be extended for next 3 to 4 months and expanded in five new blocks, supported by Tata Trusts.Read more at

6. Tag Officers’ Training (Sept. Oct. 2016) in 3 blocks of Banswara district, supported by Government  under Pradhanmatri Awas Yojana for BPL Families.

7. Research & Studies:

7.1. An Action Research Project is being carried out in Banswara and Dungarpur districts, September 2016 to Dec. 2017, supported by Tribal Area Development Department, Government of Rajasthan and UNICEF, likely to be up-scaled in other parts (Jan. 2018 to Dec. 2019).

7.2. Research Project: Contextualization of Primary Education in Small Remote Schools of Rajasthan’, published by HUSAI & Tata Trusts and book released at New Delhi on 22 Dec. 2016.Read more t  page 138 to 189

8. Networking and Advocacy on Policy Issues: state & national level (Non-funded on-going interventions).

 Major  Projects completed (2013-17)

Quality Education Project 'Back to Basics (B2B)'  for pedagogic improvement in 100 rural government elementary schools in Niwai block of Tonk district from April 2009 to March 2015, funded by Aide et Action & collaborated with SSA, benefitted 15000 children.

Technical Support to District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) for Creating Child-Friendly Schools (CFSs)  in Dungarpur district (2012 -13) with the support of UNICEF & SSA (Education Dept.), benefitted children (6 to 14 years) in about 620 government elementary schools.

Bridge Course Centres (Special Trainings called in RtE Act) for educating out-of-school children (8 to 14 years) for their mainstreaming in Tonk and Banswara districts, with the support of SSA, benefitted about 18000 children (2010 to 2015).

 3-day Induction Training of members of School Management Committees for their capacity building for effective compliance of provisions of RtE Act in 750 schools in Niwai block of Tonk district and Chhoti Sarvan block in Banswara district (August 2010 to July 2015), (three rounds of training for more than 5000 members of SMCs, and PRIs). 

Technical Support to other partner NGOs (N=29) working for education of children of deprived communities in rural parts of 19 districts in Rajasthan.The support was extended to build the capacity of middle level functionaries of the network partner organization in designing the programme, situation analysis and impact studies, develop pedagogic skills and provide the resource material. 

 State level Resource Centre in CULP for 24 partner NGOs and Youth for 'Young People's Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights (YRSHRs)', supported by MAMTA - Institute for Mother & Child Health ( New Delhi) (funded by SIDA, (2009 to 2015).