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Technical Support to TAD for Teachers’ Education

Technical Support to TAD for Teachers’ Education

Chas been providing technical support to the Department of Tribal Area Development (TAD), State Government of Rajasthan which is running 1750 Education Centres called ‘Maa-Baris’ under its SWACHH Project for education of children (5 to 12 years) in remote and isolated habitations where no formal school facility is available within one Kilometer periphery in 10 tribal districts. 30 children are enrolled in each centre which is being run by a local untrained community volunteer teacher. It was observed that the quality of education was poor since teachers were not having adequate pedagogic skills. So the TAD department invited CULP and UNICEF to extend the technical support for teachers’ capacity building to improve the pedagogic processes in the centres so that the students to achieve the expected learning levels which is essentially required for successful mainstreaming of the target children.

The project support was started for teachers’ education in September 2015. During the reporting period the outcome of the project in given in the following exhibit:

Outcomes of the project

improving pedagogic processes in 1750 Maa-bari centres by TAD Dept. in 10 tribal districts. The teachers were trained by organizing three days training twice in one year. For this the following activities were organized:

  • Developed ‘Training Curriculum & Training manuals for both ‘6-day MTs Training’ ‘Three-day Teachers’ Training’ based on ‘multi-level learning approach’ through 5 to 6 day workshops with experts
  • Six-day Training Camps for 350 teachers & trained them as MTs, finally 153 teachers were selected as MTs for.
  • Three-day Training camps for 2450 teachers in 10 districts.
  • Quarterly RPMs with collaborating partners (UNICEF & TAD)
  • Developed ‘Training Curriculum and Training manuals’ for both ‘6-day MTs Training’ and ‘three-day Teachers’ Training’ based on ‘micro-teaching approach’ with experts (Nov. – Dec. 2016 and Jan- March. 2017).